Welcome to Crochet’s documentation!#


These books are still being written and should currently be considered unedited drafts. As Crochet itself has not stabilised yet, any concept covered here might change in the future—particularly in flux sections will be marked with an admonition like this one.

The official documentation is divided into sections and books, and cover different aspects of the technical and practical sides of Crochet, as well as providing community and learning resources.

Introductory books#

These project-driven books are the perfect way to start your journey through Crochet. Pick the one that best suits your goals and experience with programming, and create away~.

(Work in progress)

Reference books#

Here you’ll find complete treatises on the technical aspects of Crochet and the tools that it includes. All of these books assume some previous familiarity with Crochet.

But ever wondered how things really work? Ever asked why things are the way they are? Concerned about whether approaching things a certain way will be fast enough? You’ll find the answer to those troubling quesitons here.

  • The Crochet System

    A reference book on Crochet. Dives deep into the technical details, but also the design and sociological ones.

  • Crochet’s API Reference

    Short and cross-referenced API documentation on the built-in Crochet packages.

Cookbooks and Cheatsheets#

  • The Brief Syntax Cheatsheet

    A short document describing all syntactical forms in Crochet. Assumes that the reader is familiar with the concepts in the language.

Contributor guides#

  • Contributing to Crochet

    A short book on how to contribute to Crochet in different ways. From ideas to community work and code.

Indices and tables#

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  • Glossary

    Explains all technical terms that you may encounter in the Crochet books.